Dooking Weasel Forge (pronounced like "looking") is a name adopted by the artist to describe the studio. The name started as a joke, but eventually it grew on us. Currently this web page is under construction.

What is a Dooking Weasel

When ferrets get happy or excited they make a chuckling bark that sounds like �Dook Dook�. Hence, a Dooking Weasel is another term for a Happy Ferret. Dooking is often accompanied by a Weasel War Dance where they excitedly jump around with their mouths open, often tripping over their own feet and running into objects. Yes, they are spazzes!

Natural troublemakers, ferrets are always fun to watch and play with, but they can be a lot of work to take care of. Small objects get stolen, big objects get broken, and anywhere where ferrets aren�t supposed to go is where the ferret wants to be (and often is). Obviously this makes for the best type of art studio where foot prints in clay and nose smudged paintings are a way of life.

Ferret Stories

In the Weasel and page you can read exciting stories about our ferrets (and honorary ferrets). You will also find some fiction written by the owners of Dooking Weasel Forge in the Stories page. There is also a download for the Ferret Poem Book which is a fund raising publication for ferret shelters. The Ferret Poem Book is 184 page compilation of ferret related poetry, songs and stories.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Many Dooks to You!

October 2018

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